Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2018

It’s not a secret we’re trying to hide, here at déjà-vu HQ we’re in love with the city of Marseille so we seize every opportunity we have to go down there to enjoy some fine skateboarding, exquisite food and lovely sun… well and maybe some Pastis! Last weekend the opportunity was offered by Red Bull who kindly invited us to the third edition of the Bowl Rippers. Thanks to the organisation staff we already knew that this year would be completely insane skateboarding wise and guess what : it didn’t disappoint! The level was solid on both women and men’s division and it definitely sets the standards higher than ever. Just look at the video highlight to understand how gnarly it was.

There was so much going on during these three days that it was hard to shoot everything but we managed to catch a few snaps (and a nice sun burn) that will hopefully make you feel the Prado vibe. Thank you to all the people who made this weekend in Marseille so enjoyable… we can’t wait for next year’s edition!

Final results – Men : 1/ Pedro Barros (BRE) 2/ Chris Russell (USA) 3/ Luiz Francisco (BRE) 4/ Murillo Peres (BRE) 5/ Vincent Matheron (FRA) 6/ Kevin Kowalski (USA)

Words and photos by Clement Chouleur

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