Balargue skateshop – Pause Toune


We’re very happy to premiere Pause Toune (cigarette break in English) the latest video from Balargue skateshop. You know how skateshops can be like family, well it’s exactly what it feels like with these guys. Balargue was born only two years ago but is super well implanted in the parisian scene and making videos proves that. With the impulse of getting a new camera the guys managed to make this one in less than six months, pretty impressive! The video was mainly filmed and edited by Thomas Courteille (who is also riding for the shop) and features Alix Malnati, Hadrien Haverland, Flo Taverne, Wilfried Mandereau, Joshua Marques, Lucas Languasco and a bunch of friends.

Here are some photos from a little field trip in Luxembourg we took with the crew. A packed minivan, some wild camping, a bit of skateboarding and lots of pauses toune!

Lucas-Languasco_Wallride_Luxembourg 2

Vidéo: Thomas Courteille Photos: Clément Chouleur