Antiz - Healthcare video

The new Antiz skateboards short movie is finally out starring: Samu Karvonen, Thanos Panou, Roland Hirsch, Peter Molec, Michel Mahringer, Pepe Tirelli, Yeelen Moens, Sam Partaix, Robin Bolian, Gabriel Engelke, Julien Bachelier, Teemu Pirinen and Uryan Raudet. « Our travels brings us together and tightens us as a family. We get to leave some of our worries behind or talk about them face to face with friends we don’t see that often. Friends that are mostly outside of our everyday circles and have hours to talk about life on the campfire. We get to argue together and hear different perspectives from each other. Perspectives from different sides of the world. We also get to meet new people on the road and learn a thing or two from them. Sure we skate a lot, have few too many beers, maybe not eat too healthy and might not sleep that good but in the end we come out of these travels a bit more experienced, wiser and maybe with few new friends and perspectives about life in general.

These tours and trips are our ”Healthcare” system in a way. »